Our School Trip 09/07/14

Oak and Blossom had a lovely time at ‘Aston spring farm’.  We had loads of fun and some of the children told us what their favourite bit was…..

Anya – ” I loved the horses”

Rhys – ” My favourite bit was everything”

Emily – “I liked the bus ride”

Oliver – “I liked all of it except the long walk”

Will – “I liked everything”

Ella – ” My favourite was lunch time”

Jakub – ” I liked feeding the chickens”

A.J – “I liked it when the chickens laid eggs”

Lewis A – “My favourite was the pigs”

Lewis B – “I liked it when we saw the horses”

Jessica – ” I liked it when the chickens followed me”

Ebony – “My favourite was the donkeys”

Reece – ” I liked it when we did the animal clay”

Blake – “I didn’t  like it when the chickens followed me”

Tegan – “My favourite was when we drew the animals

At the farm we saw a pig and we asked the children if they could remember what her name was?

Answer – from Tegan ” Her name was Suzie”







Attendance 27/06/14

Last week the children got really excited because we got the attendance trophy! Then today Mrs Deakin came into our classroom and told us we have won it again this week!  Well done Oak Class Mrs Spacey and I are really proud of you all!!  Keep it up!

IMG_1742IMG_1743 IMG_1744





End of Year Targets

It was our first day back yesterday and all the children returned to school full of energy and ready for the final 7 weeks before they start in Year 1. We started the day thinking about our targets and what we have to achieve by the end of the year. The children spent the day writing independently, the teacher then marked the work with the child and found out which parts of the target they already had and which bits needed to be worked on. All the children are very confident they will reach their personal targets by the end of the year. Keep up the hard work Oak class!

Monster Madness for the Summer Half Term

For our final Half Term we are thinking about Monsters! We will be designing our own Monster puppets and performing a show. We are really looking forward to our end of year Monster Mash party where we will write invitations, plan and make party games, make our own food and dance to lots of great music.

Have you got any songs you would like to listen to at the party?

Planetarium 21/05/14

Today the children were really excited to be visiting the Planetarium!  The children had lots to say about what they remembered….

Rhys – ” We saw our solar system and there are 8 planets and Pluto is the 9th planet”

Ella-May – “The sun looked like a saucepan shape”

Lewis A – ” We saw lots of stars”

Oliver – “Pluto was a dwarf planet”

Archie – “The sun is a big ball of fire”

Charlie – ” The man put some music on when we looked at the stars”

Brooke – “We saw Earth, the man told us that it rotates”

Finlay – ” The first man on the moon was Neil Armstrong”

We asked what are the planet names?

George – ” Mars”

Nadia – “Saturn”

Tegan -“Mercury”

Oliver – “Neptune”

Blake -“Uranus and Venus”

Will -” Jupiter”